We improve our client’s ability to be more competitive by
connecting their vision to their daily operations

At Chart Solutions we combine people, ideas and technology to solve business problems. We help develop and implement practical programs for business and organizational development as well as internal systems and controls which provide both strategic and tactical impact. Our clients are organizations from different industries in search of long-term success and viability. These clients may be startups or groups seeking to “re-invent” themselves in order to address the demands of a changing world.


We go beyond the traditional business or marketing
consulting model by offering practical assistance in strategic planning, organizational infrastructure, internal controls and technology development. But most important, we can provide ongoing involvement with suite level management in the tactical execution of the resulting plan.


Chart Solutions assists in execution through the
placement of professional specialists based on the tactical needs of a situation. It is easy to see how this “need based” assistance provides practical benefit in a number of ways.

  • Targeted results.
  • Existing management is able to focus on what it does best.
  • Broader access to industry expertise not otherwise available.
  • Specialists are highly focused on the issues at hand to achieve those targeted results.