Chart Solutions' Services include:

    • Strategy (planning and execution)        
   • Business Development
    • Sales Training and Support
    • Coaching and Leadership Development

    • Operational Review


As a trusted partner, Chart Solutions delivers tools, processes and coaching to address the enterprise in a holistic manner. We provide knowledge, experience and leadership to leverage strengths and mitigate weakness with a passion for a competitive win.  Each engagement is customized to the specific needs of the Client. This may include strategic planning, change management, leadership development, marketing and sales execution and/or even interim executive management.


We start at the highest levels and review our Client’s vision, strategy and goals and help them to elevate their thought process to a more strategic level. From there we help devise a practical operating plan to best focus Client resources on competitive success. This competitive success may be in the area of business development, operations, human resources internal systems or technology.  The connection between the vision and operating plan are often not clear; we help tie those elements together resulting in enhanced company performance.  And because we are able to focus the right people on the job results occur faster and more smoothly.


No matter if the change is large or small; the ability to manage it is a critical component of high performance. We can help organizations prepare for and deal with change. This includes complex organizational and workforce transitions to the desired end state. We also can help our Clients operate successfully once the transformation is in place thus realizing long-term value from their decision to engage Chart Solutions


We accomplish our goals by combining experience with a deep understanding and knowledge of business issues. In the end we help our Clients develop the capacity to change and we do that without disrupting their ongoing business operations. In all cases the outcome is pointed to the Client’s competitive success.